GoPrice Automatic Competitor Price Monitoring.

  • Not requires URL of the monitored products.

  • Prices updated in real time.

  • Easy integration with other tools.

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Get the most from GoPrice

GoPrice is a price tracker that automatically provides for any product competitive data such as price, stock and other attributes that may be relevant according to the monitored product.


GoPrice has developed a set of algorithms that allow the automatic search of products, this represents a saving of time and money.

GoPrice tool does NOT require the URL of the monitored products in the competitor site, just only Brand and model of the the products required.


GoPrice offers totally customizable solutions that allow a perfect integration with the business model implemented in our customers.


GoPrice provides real time information about Price and additional product information at any time you need it.

This guarantees you the best Price at any research conducted.

Keep prices of your products always competitive!
We've got what you need!

Choose your Plan


30/ month (*)
*Annual subscription

  • Monitor up to 200 products


From150/ month(*)
*Annual subscription

  • More than 2500 products

Our plans include:

  • Unlimited price updates per day (at any time required).
  • Get not only prices and stock but additional product information:
    shipping costs, delivery details, stock, images of the product, etc.
  • Email notifications.
  • GoPrice API (From Professional Plan).

We offer a free month of service for new customers, you won't be charged during your free trial, and you can cancel anytime.

Why us?

GoPrice is an amazing price tracker.

Unique Search Technology

GoPrice automatically searches for monitored products on competitor sites. Do not waste time and resources by manually adding the URL of each product.

Since its conception, our team of engineers has been working to develop the most advanced algorithm to conduct automatic searches.

Maximum Flexibility

GoPrice is the perfect tool to collect prices and information of the monitored products from your competitors. The collected data can easily be used by other internal systems or other monitoring and marketing tools for your internal decision making process.

Additionally, GoPrice enables a full integration with your own software.

Updated Prices

GoPrice can obtain and update prices and other additional information of the monitored products as many times as requested (automatically or on demand).

GoPrice gives you an insight into your competitors' prices, helping you set your prices, avoiding underpricing or overpricing. This enables to leverage Price comparison in order to improve profitability and reduce sales time.

Save Time & Money

GoPrice helps you regulate dynamically your sales Price in relation to your competition, improving your conversion ratio, maximizing profits and consequently allowing to leverage your competitive advantage.

Try our product, request a free trial and start saving!

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